Can't Login to ChatGPT? Provide You with Explanations and Guidance

Can’t Login to ChatGPT? You may have triggered certain rules that are prohibited by OpenAI. Here we provide you with the latest and most comprehensive explanations and solutions to help you log back into ChatGPT within five minutes.


ChatGPT Account Deactivated

Even if you are a ChatGPT Plus user, you may encounter this situation. When you are unable to log in and see the prompt “ChatGPT Account Deactivated” in the image, it means that you may have violated OpenAI’s Content Policy or Terms of Use. At this point, you can appeal through the OpenAI Help Center and inform the reviewers of your situation. They will contact you and handle the matter, which usually takes no more than three business days.

Please Ensure to Follow The Rules Below When Using ChatGPT:

  • Do not abuse the API: One should not use multiple accounts to access the API service. If OpenAI detects repeated API requests from the same or similar IP addresses, it violates the API usage policy.
  • Do not use the API in regions not supported by OpenAI: Currently, OpenAI does not support the use of API in China (including Hong Kong), Italy, Iran, Russia, and some parts of Africa.
  • Do not log in to the same account with different IP addresses on multiple devices: If multiple people share a ChatGPT Plus account, they must ensure that they do not violate the API usage policy. If your account is banned for violation, everyone sharing the account will be affected.
  • Do not use unusual payment channels: If you are a Plus user, you must ensure that your payment channels are legitimate and compliant. If you use payment services associated with illegal activities, your account may be suspended.
  • Do not output any information that violates OpenAI’s policy: If your output involves violating domestic and international laws, pornography, politics, privacy, etc., OpenAI will detect your violation and ban your account.
  • Do not register a large number of accounts: In regions where OpenAI does not support and there is a high demand, there are merchants who provide services such as proxy registration. These merchants may use programs or manual methods to register a large number of accounts at the same IP address. OpenAI will mark these actions as BOT and ban these accounts.

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How does OpenAI Technically Identify Illegal Accounts?

To identify illegal accounts, OpenAI may use the following technical methods:

    1. IP address restriction: Limiting the registration of multiple accounts with the same IP address prevents bypassing registration restrictions using proxies, etc.
    2. The same API key is frequently requested by different IPs: When the same API key is frequently requested by different IP addresses, OpenAI considers this abnormal behavior and identifies illegal accounts.
    3. Device fingerprint recognition: Identifying whether the same device is registered through fingerprint information such as browsers, device models, operating systems, screen resolutions, etc. can effectively prevent registration through device replacement.
    4. Captcha: Verify identity by requiring users to enter a captcha, preventing robots or script programs from registering in bulk.
    5. Anti-fraud algorithm: By monitoring user registration behavior, registration information, operation trajectory, etc., using machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms to identify abnormal registration behavior, such as registering with the same email suffix or phone number.
    6. Email or phone verification: Require users to undergo email or phone verification to prevent registration using false or unverifiable email or phone.

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Possible Solutions:

  • Official website appeal: If your account is suspended due to a mistake, you can use the appeal link provided in the error message to enter the appeal page and explain how important the account is to you while ensuring that you have not violated any rules and will not do so in the future. Additionally, some appeal guidance posts can provide help.
  • Avoid logging in to the same account on multiple devices: If an account needs to be used by multiple people, try logging in with different accounts.
  • Try logging in via a computer: For mobile users, try logging in via a computer to avoid suspension.
  • Change IP: If you need to change your IP, choose to do so in a ChatGPT-supported region and use a fixed IP to avoid frequent IP changes.
  • Buy a US-based cloud server: Purchase a US-based cloud server, set up a virtual host, and use a Google email to register for a ChatGPT account.
  • Confirm whether an account is a bulk registration account when purchasing: If you need to purchase an account, confirm with the proxy whether the account is a bulk registration account as this type of account is easily suspended.
  • Choose a secure VPN: Choose a reliable and secure VPN, and carefully screen and evaluate it.

If you want to ensure 100% confidence in using your ChatGPT account, it is recommended that you obtain a US phone number and a reliable credit card, and strictly ensure that your login IP address is located within the US, as this can significantly reduce the risk of your account being banned.