What is Global Illumination?

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Global Illumination is a digital product company based in New York. Founded by Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn, the company is comprised of a team of experienced individuals who have contributed to prominent companies like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Riot Games, and more. With a focus on creativity, Global Illumination strives to develop innovative products and experiences.

What is Global Illumination?

Global Illumination refers to a group of algorithms used in 3D computer graphics that aim to add more realistic lighting to 3D scenes. These algorithms take into account both direct light from light sources and indirect light that bounces off surfaces onto other surfaces. By considering indirect lighting, Global Illumination enhances the realism and interconnectedness of virtual worlds, as objects impact each other’s appearance.

Key Information of Global Illumination

  • Engineers & Executives:
    • Thomas Dimson – Engineer & CEO
    • Taylor Gordon – Engineer & CTO
    • Joey Flynn – Designer & CPO
  • Other Team Members:
    • Alexei Karpenko – Engineer
    • Andrew Top – Engineer
    • Nick Cooper – Engineer
    • Ian Silber – Designer
    • Brandon Wang – Engineer
  • Company Focus: Digital product development

Famous Productions of Global Illumination

  • Biomes – Latest project

Is Global Illumination a Good Company?

With its team consisting of highly skilled individuals from renowned companies and its focus on creativity, Global Illumination is considered a reputable and innovative digital product company. Its contributions to various industries and projects like Biomes demonstrate its expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality products.

How to Get a Job at Global Illumination

Global Illumination offers exciting career opportunities in the field of digital product development. To join their team of talented professionals, it is recommended to regularly check their official website for any job openings. Additionally, networking and building relevant skills in areas like engineering, design, and product development can increase your chances of securing a position at Global Illumination.


Global Illumination is a leading digital product company based in New York. Their focus on creativity and their team’s expertise from renowned companies make them a trusted provider of innovative products. Through projects like Biomes, Global Illumination continues to contribute to the digital product development industry. Consider exploring career opportunities with Global Illumination to be a part of their exciting journey.


Q: What is Global Illumination’s main product?
A: Biomes is their recent project.
Q: How can I join Global Illumination?
A: Visit their official website and check for job openings regularly.
Q: Which companies have their team members previously worked for?
A: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Riot Games, and more.