5 Best Midjourney Prompt Helper 2023

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The Midjourney Prompt Helper is an AI drawing tool that revolutionizes the way we approach digital art. It saves the learning cost of AI drawing creators and improves drawing efficiency. However, mastering all the features and functions of Midjourney can be time-consuming and frustrating for many creators. That’s where the Midjourney Prompt Helper comes in. With this plugin, creators can generate prompts to guide their drawing process, inspire new ideas, and push their creativity to new heights.

What is Midjourney Prompt Helper?

The Midjourney Prompt Helper is a plugin for the Midjourney AI drawing tool. It enables creators to save time and energy by generating prompts that help guide their drawing process. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these prompts can inspire new ideas and enhance your creative output. The plugin is user-friendly and customizable to suit your specific needs.

5 Best Midjourney Prompt Helper 2023

Name Rating Pricing Features

1. Midjourney Prompt Generator by Hugging Face

Generate prompts using the GPT-2 language model trained on the Midjourney Prompts Dataset. Provides auto-complete prompts for text-to-image models.

4.5/5 Free – Easy prompt generation using GPT-2 language model
– Auto-complete prompts for various models
– Compatible with Dall-e

2. PromptoMANIA Midjourney Prompt Generator

Create prompts for Midjourney using an intuitive interface. Mimic different art styles, add details, and experiment with different parameters.

4.2/5 Free – Intuitive prompt builder menu
– Mimic the style of various artists
– Experiment with Midjourney parameters

3. Midjourney Prompt Helper – Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023

Collection of 10,000+ handpicked prompts covering various arts disciplines. Offers search, filter options, and 15+ prompt helper functions.

4.0/5 Free – Wide range of handpicked prompts
– Search and filter options
– Prompt suggestions while typing

4. doevent Midjourney Prompt Generator – a Hugging Face Space

Explore prompts for Midjourney in this Hugging Face Space. Generates creative prompt ideas for AI-based artwork.

3.8/5 Free – Creative prompt suggestions
– Convenient and accessible Hugging Face Space

5. Midjourney Prompt Generator by zf.extension.ai.pai

Save learning costs with this prompt generator. Enhance drawing efficiency by generating prompts tailored to your needs.

3.5/5 Free – Tailored prompts for improved drawing efficiency
– Customizable to suit individual preferences


The Midjourney Prompt Helper is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their drawing skills and streamline their creative process. By generating prompts tailored to your preferences, these prompt helpers save time, increase efficiency, and inspire stunning artwork that truly represents your vision. Choose the best Midjourney Prompt Helper for your needs and take your art to the next level!


  • Q: How do prompt generators help in AI image generation?

    By providing context and starting points, prompt generators assist AI models in producing accurate and high-quality images.

  • Q: Can I use Midjourney Prompt Helper for free?

    Yes, most of the Midjourney Prompt Helpers listed above are available for free.

  • Q: Are these prompt generators compatible with other AI drawing tools?

    Some prompt generators, like the Hugging Face prompt generator, can be used with various text-to-image models, including Dall-e.

  • Q: Is there any guarantee for the prompts generated by promptoMANIA?

    No, promptoMANIA is a free project and doesn’t guarantee the prompts generated.

  • Q: How can I become a master prompter?

    You can try the interactive tutorials provided by promptoMANIA to improve your prompt generation skills.