How to Use Runway Gen 2

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Introducing Runway Gen 2, a revolutionary text-to-video AI tool developed by Runway Research. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create videos in any style you can imagine using simple text prompts. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur enthusiast, Runway Gen 2 opens up a world of creative possibilities.

What is Runway Gen 2?

Runway Gen 2 is a cutting-edge AI model that generates videos from text prompts or existing images. It builds upon the success of its predecessor, Gen 1, and is now commercially available to the public. While text-to-video technology is still in its early stages, Runway Gen 2 is at the forefront, offering accessible and user-friendly features for video generation.

Why Runway Gen 2 Gets Popular?

As technology giants continue to explore text-to-video models, Runway Gen 2 stands out as one of the first commercially available options. Its popularity stems from its ease of use, innovative functionality, and affordability. With Runway Gen 2, you no longer need extensive post-production work to create captivating videos. Its advanced AI capabilities save time and resources, making it a preferred choice among creators.

How to Use Runway Gen 2?

Using Runway Gen 2 is a straightforward process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to unleash your creativity:

  1. Step 1: Enter a Text Prompt
  2. If you can write it, you can generate it. Begin by creating an original text prompt or get inspired by the automatic prompt suggestions provided by Runway Gen 2.

  3. Step 2: Adjust Settings
  4. Fine-tune your video generations using advanced settings. Save seed numbers for future generations, enhance video resolution with upscaling, or use interpolation to smoothen frames.

  5. Step 3: Generate
  6. Once you’ve customized your settings, click “Generate this” to create your bespoke Gen 2 creation. Download the generated videos to your computer or find them stored in your Runway assets for future use.

Tips for Using Runway Gen 2

  • Experiment with different text prompts to explore a range of video styles.
  • Play around with the advanced settings to achieve your desired video quality.
  • Combine text prompts with existing images for more dynamic video generation.
  • Utilize the seed numbers feature to reproduce your favorite video generations.


Runway Gen 2 revolutionizes the way videos are created, offering a simple and intuitive platform for text-to-video generation. With its innovative AI technology and user-friendly interface, Runway Gen 2 empowers creators of all levels to bring their ideas to life. Explore the endless creative possibilities and embark on a new era of video production with Runway Gen 2.


How much does Runway Gen 2 cost?

Runway Gen 2 costs $0.05 per second of generated video. Monthly paid plans include credits for usage, and additional credits can be purchased if needed. For detailed pricing information, refer to the official pricing page on the Runway website.

Where can I access Runway Gen 2?

Runway Gen 2 can be accessed on both the Runway web platform and the mobile app for iOS devices. Simply log in to your Runway account to start using the Gen 2 text-to-video AI tool.

Can I use Runway Gen 2-generated videos commercially?

Absolutely! Runway users retain full ownership rights of their output videos generated using Runway Gen 2. You are free to use them for commercial purposes without any restrictions.

Is Runway Gen 2 the same as text-to-video models?

Yes, Runway Gen 2 is one of the pioneering commercially available text-to-video models. While other tech giants are also developing similar models, Runway Gen 2 sets itself apart with its accessibility, consistent updates, and user-centric features.