What is Sakana AI?

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Sakana AI is a cutting-edge startup founded by former Google AI researchers, David Ha and Llion Jones. Their mission is to build nature-inspired neural networks and develop the next generation of AI models.

What is Sakana AI?

Sakana AI is a Tokyo-based startup that aims to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence. They take inspiration from nature to create innovative AI models that are efficient, adaptable, and sustainable.

Key Information of Sakana AI

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Founders: David Ha and Llion Jones
  • Focus: Developing generative AI models based on nature-inspired neural network designs
  • Approach: Using evolutionary computation and a collaborative network of smaller models

Famous Productions of Sakana AI

  • Stable Diffusion image generation model
  • Unique architectures for foundation models in generative AI

Is Sakana AI a Good Company?

Sakana AI has gained recognition and support from venture investors due to its innovative approach and the expertise of its founders. Their focus on creating adaptable and efficient AI models sets them apart in the industry.

How to Get a Sakana AI Job

If you’re interested in joining Sakana AI and contributing to their groundbreaking work, you can email “[email protected]”. They are looking for individuals passionate about collective intelligence, evolutionary computing, ALIFE, and neuro-inspired methods.


Sakana AI has emerged as a leader in developing nature-inspired AI models. Their innovative approach and focus on efficiency and adaptability make them a promising startup in the AI industry.


Q: What is the main focus of Sakana AI?

A: Sakana AI focuses on developing generative AI models based on nature-inspired neural network designs.

Q: How can I join Sakana AI?

A: If you’re interested in working at Sakana AI, you can email your resume to “[email protected]” and express your interest in their mission and approach.